Friday, 14 March 2014

Black Birthday Nails

Sunday is my birthday so I wanted a manicure to match my party outfit. I'll be wearing my Mom's Tristan & Iseut short suit that I just had altered. It's from 20 years ago. Before tailoring, the jacket fit like a box and the shoulder pads hit my ears - typical 90s! The suit is wool with a pale sage green and gray delicate checker pattern on cream. The buttons are tarnished silver. It's a beautiful suit. I'm pairing it with black opaque tights and black suede heels and I wanted black nails to match.

Bio Seaweed Gel in Black Magic

I love the product they use at my salon - Bio Seaweed Gel - because it's the best polish I've ever worn. It has fewer chemicals than other polishes and shellacs and feels like it's deeply nourishing my nails.

Bio Seaweed palette

-Comes in a variety of colours
-It dries in 45 seconds, so there's close to no wait time
-It's healthier for my nails (designed to promote nail growth)

-It's pricier than the average manicure - $75 for a mani/pedi. Shellac is around $60.
-Not a lot of salons are using it yet, making it harder to find

Since it's healthier than the average manicure, feels amazing on my nails and drys in no time - I'm sticking with it!

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