Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Clueless? As If!

Cher Horowitz may have been clueless about many things, but fashion wasn't one of them. Clueless was my first fashion movie and it blew my 11-year old mind. I wanted to wear everything Cher wore. I wanted her hair, her jeep, and after school shopping trips to Melrose. I did my best to imitate her style with the Clueless-inspired looks my Mom and I found at Le Chateau - a baby doll dress with white knee highs and black patent Mary Janes; a plaid mini kilt with a t-shirt and matching jacket (and of course, those same knee highs and Mary Janes). Twenty years later, I still love this look - it's preppy, flirty, feminine, and classic.

I thought Cher's closet and computer stylist were amazing! I loved this scene because there was a great shot of her revolving closet...oh the clothes, clothes, clothes! It was also the first time I heard David Bowie's Fashion. It's kinda, like, the Clueless anthem.

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