Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Downton Abbey Hits TO!

I'm a HUGE Downton Abbey fan. I watched the first three seasons in the fall (in just two weeks...) and have been hooked ever since. Yesterday, my Mom and I went to check out the opening of Dressing for Downton at the Spadina Museum. It's funny - we went to see the clothes and I ended up loving the gift store. So I'll start with that.

I love these lady-like tea sets. And what better to sip
in them than Downton Abbey tea!

The limited edition tea comes in two flavours:
Grantham Breakfast Blend and English Rose.
I'm a huge tea lover so I bought them both!
I love guide books with really cool covers.
And I'm sure Carson would agree;
this is a definite must-have.

My favourite Downton dresses:

Lady Mary's dress. She's my favourite character,
probably because I relate to her the most.
Lady Mary, lost in a daydream...
From L to R: Lady Mary's dress, Lady Sybil's,
Lady Edith's and Cora Countess of Grantham's

Other vintage dresses that caught my eye:

I love this 1920s wedding dress

What a stunning pink cocktail gown!
And check out that low back...

While I'm on the topic of wardrobe, I wanted to share a pic of my Mom. She's a HUGE fan and wanted to wear something special to the exhibit. So I styled her in a modern day Downton-esque outfit. Check out that purse! We found it in her closet, doing what I believe was just waiting for the perfect occasion (that occasion was clearly yesterday). I decided to channel Jackie O's classic street-style and borrowed my Mom's black jacket and turtleneck.

My Mommy's so pretty...
Say "Cheese"! Or "DOWNTON"!

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