Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Drake launches OVO fashion line

The Toronto rapper, who needs no introduction, launched his October's Very Own exclusive streetwear collection on Saturday. When I heard the news, I asked myself one question: "What's there not to like?!" Drake's music is rich and catchy, he killed it on SNL and he's a proud Torontonian. Now he's a fashion designer!? The guy is King. And the clothes are everything I expected them to be. We're talking big over-sized t-shirts and hoodies and OVO branded varsity jackets. All dark and all bold with graphic prints and logos - identical to what Drake wears in his music videos. Everything is unisex, which is perfect, because the way to wear these styles is over-sized with some serious street swagger. The October's Very Own collection is on sale exclusively from March 22-27 at Browns Fashion in London, UK and sold at Nordstrom in the USA. I hope these looks make it to Canada! 

The Look

The Music


The Man 

So bad, but oh so good...

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