Wednesday, 12 March 2014

House of Cards, Wardrobe of Steel

Elegant and chic. Two words that describe Claire Underwood's style to a "T". Her personality on the other hand, I'm not touching with a 10-foot pole! Well, I guess I could say she's precise, calculating and driven. Full Stop. I'm obsessed with House of Cards. I think about this show all the time. Certain parts creep back into my mind when I least expect it, so much so that I'm convinced I've lived them. As severely dark and twisted as House of Cards is, I can't deny Claire Underwood's style is a thing of beauty. So cue the show's ominous bass line (which is fantastic!) and take a spin through Claire's wardrobe.

Tailored Oxford shirt

Classic sheath dress

Elegant wide-neck trench

Sheath with jacket detailing

Sweetheart dress with elegant pearls

Robin Wright has beautiful hands which she uses exquisitely when bringing the mysterious Claire Underwood to life. So not only does she look amazing, her acting is also superb. David Fincher, I can't wait for Season 3!

Channelling Lady Macbeth

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