Saturday, 26 April 2014

Need a little bold or pretty?

I love organization and one place I find it's an absolute must is my purse. This week, I was introduced to All that is Pretty cosmetic bags by designer Erin Pierce. Not having an extensive makeup collection, my first thought was - another great organizing bag! It warmed my heart to learn that each bag is hand sewn and influenced by the designer's time in Africa. Canadian-born, Erin lived in Kenya for 2 years and was inspired by a piece of clothing traditionally worn by Kenyan men, the kikoy. All of her bags are made from 100% authentic kikoy (a cotton material). The designer's connection to the country not only influenced her material choice, but her desire to give back - 10% of the proceeds from each bag are donated to, an inspiring arts organization for youth. I love hearing the story behind a designer's collection and this one left me feeling incredibly satisfied.

So aside from their very cool roots, why do I love these bags? 

1) They're Canadian
2) They're handmade
3) They're well-sewn with sturdy zippers - an absolute must for a cosmetic bag.
4) Their fun and bold patterns

The Bags

A stack of pretty!

Large cosmetic bag

Medium cosmetic bag

Small cosmetic bag

What's in my purse

These cute little cosmetic bags help keep my purse
organized. I use one for my keys, cell phone charger,
ear buds, cosmetics and my stylist's tools.

I'm looking to add this All that is Pretty bag to
my collection!
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All that is Pretty cosmetic bags are available on Etsy
For more information about All that is Pretty visit

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